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Final Evaluation, 1st September 2017

Final Evaluation

Writing my own brief, I can say it helped me grasp a better understanding of my project. It gave me a grounding on what I wanted to achieve during the weeks up to the deadline and it made me think realistically about how I wanted to shape my outcome. Writing it on paper, I could also refer to it if I was having trouble remembering what I wanted to complete.

The two most inspiring researches that inspired my project the most was Grayson Perry’s ‘Vanity of Small Differences’ (2012) and ‘Gay Black Cats MC’ (2017), with Britta Marakett-Labba’s ‘Historja’ (2003-07). The symbolisms and representations of certain objects that Perry had illustrated in ‘Vanity’ gave his work more depth to the context of the narration he had, ‘Gay Black Cats’ was shapes formed in images and stitched over one another, this gave me the idea of creating my imagery in that fashion, as I felt that it would be faster in completing my outcome. ‘Historja’ gave me the idea of including print to my piece.

There were times I had to rework my project to fit in the time. When I was creating the layout of my tapestry up to scale, I realised the battlefield I had in mind was too complicated and illustrating would take too long to finish in time, leading me to simplify it to a more manageable design, but one that still conveyed the same message. 

I found making my publication not so difficult, because InDesign was a software that I was familiar with. However, the challenging parts that I faced in InDesign were the use of grid lines, the spacing in the images that I thought were symmetrical with each other were sometimes a bit wider than the other. During the workshops with the tutors, I had learned more about guide lines and spacing, making my publication easier and faster. 

One difficulty I faced was that I did take a risk with the fabric used for the base of the tapestry. I had not made any experiments to see how well the felt wool and sheeting fabric would stick with that particular material, and only assumed that it would stick based on past experience. I was fortunate that the fabric could stick, more heat was required from the Iron to melt the glue onto the piece. However, I would have to be more aware about experimenting with new materials that I include in my projects, because it will give me more understanding with what I want to use. 

The successful parts of the project was layering the pieces of fabric together. This was because I was familiar with bonding fabrics, and the creation of the images were simple, like reforming a single drawing to multiple shapes and layers, which I felt gave more volume and texture to the imagery, without losing the quality. 

In doing this project, I felt that I learnt the value of contextualisation in my work. With finding a subject within the depictions within the lyrics of The Queen and The Soldier, I found an implication which I could relate to an experience I recalled, giving my work more meaning. Rather than just making a nice image inspired from a song, this made my work more personal to me and gave me a stronger reason to create my outcome. 

I feel that it had also given me insight on how I am expected to work in BA, giving me the understanding of working under a limited time frame, allowing me to manage my own time and work under pressure. I also feel that because of my time spent on this course, I am mentally prepared to continue working onwards to my BA this coming September.


Editorial Text, 29th August 2017

Editorial Text

“He said: ‘I am not fighting for you anymore’.”


Loosely following the lyrics of Suzanne Vega’s song, “The Queen and the Soldier”, this project explores the abuse of power and the consequences that befall those who attempt to stand up to it.

Although there could be many interpretations to this song, to me, the strongest implication was the idea of absolute power, and its use for personal gain.

The song take the form of a dialogue between a queen and a soldier, where sadly, in the end, the soldier is killed by the queen along with his chivalry. His protests are in vain, and nothing changes.

For me this was a perfect metaphor for the Malaysian government’s corruption; of the Prime Minister changing cabinet members once his current members start to question him. I feel that both are exploiting their power for personal gain, regardless of the lives of others.

I chose to create a tapestry for this project because every time I listened to the song, I always had the mind-set of the setting taking place in the Medieval era, where I feel that this issue of power and corruption has been present since then.

During that time, tapestries were used for decorative and entertaining as well as informative purposes, sewing on beautiful illustrations to tell the story, which is why I felt that a tapestry was the most fitting method of communication, it doesn’t need the use of text or language, allowing its message to be conveyed universally.


Reflection, 24th August 2017

Knitting Headpiece  

IMG_5215.jpg IMG_5216.jpg

For the Soldier's head piece, I wanted it to have a resemblance to the chain-linked armour that had been the first layer under the armour. I thought that knitting would be a material for that look. I wanted a mixture of black and grey three together to have a tonal look to the cloth. I had tried using a double-knit thread but while I was doing it, the black thread could not connect with the grey thread.

IMG_5241.jpg IMG_5242.jpg

This was because the the double-knit thread was too thick for the machine and after a certain time, or if two double-kit threads were used on the machine, it would just fall apart. With this knowledge, I changed to a thinner thread, which I made the fabric for the headpiece. The thinner fabric gave me a satisfactory material and I had no complaints with it to make what I wanted.


Reflection 24th August 2017

Time Table and Printing Revelations

action plan.jpg


IMG_5233.jpg.1 IMG_5245.jpg

  • For the entire project, I had always been experimenting with the intaglio inks that the course had provided for my prints, and I was going to experiment using black ink to create the borders, I came to class one day only to realise that there was not black ink provided in the course. 
  • I had checked the school shop but they did not have the correct type of printing inks that I needed. I did try using black acrylic paint, but it was not successful.
  • The acrylic paint was very runny and I knew that if I applied too much paint on the lino, it will run over the detail of the print. I tried putting the paint on lightly, the print barely showed.
  • So, another option I tried was finding and mixing the darkest intaglio ink that was available, which was Van Dyck Brown, and Crimson Red.

IMG_5235.jpg IMG_5234.jpg

  • Mixing the two images together, I found that the mixture gave off a reddish hue that actually went quite well with the bloodstain-like background on the fabric.
  • Though that the print was of a similar colouring, each colour was distinguished on light and heavy coloured backgrounds. The background also looks as if it is bringing out the colour as well.
  • Looking at the results, I can say that having black not available was a blessing in disguise, because now I have a coloured print that prints well and sharp with the red background.

Reflection, 23rd August 2017

Self-Assessment Workshop


For the self-assessment workshop, I had graded myself to be at most a Merit. This result was not what I was hoping for but I feel that this could possibly be what I will get, so I don't want to raise my hopes up too much for a Distinction.

From what I have been observing about myself, I need to start analysing my research better to improve my ranking. Overall, I don't think that I would be so sad that I get a Merit, but I will be aiming to get a Distinction still, I will need to focus more and keep doing the best that I can for the work that I have on my project for the next few days.


Reflection, 23rd August 2017

Outlines and Bloodstains 

IMG_5202.jpg IMG_5203.jpg

  • Using stitch illustration, I followed the outline that I drew on the bonder-web paper side, giving a clean outline to give more detail to the cut out base layer of the characters, giving the image more clarity to where it's fingers are located within the silhouette.

IMG_5205.jpg.1 IMG_5206.jpg.1

  • Also started with the making process for the borders to be attached onto the tapestry as the symbolism of bloodshed that had been spilled in the battlefield under the Queens hand.
  • I had wet the fabric with water first before flinging the red ink onto it, so that it gives off the spreading effect, soaking into the fabric a little.

IMG_5211.jpg.1 IMG_5212.jpg

  • However, I realised that once the wet fabric had dried, it made the ink look less vibrant and faded. This could also be the fact that I had mixed the red ink wit a bit of water before flinging it onto the fabric because I felt that the being being diluted a bit would be able to spread more into the wet fabric.

IMG_5214.jpg IMG_5213.jpg

  • With the fabric now dry, I then splattered more red ink on it, and when it had dried, it still kept it's vibrancy as well as making solid-looking bloodstains.
  • It also gave the splatters more depth from the different tones and sharpness of the red.

Reflection, 22nd August 2017

Bonder Web vs Fabric Glue 

IMG_5232.jpg IMG_5231.jpg

I was testing to see which bonding material would be best to stick my tapestry together as I was unsure if bonder web glue is effective of felt wool fabric. Once both were dry, I checked which one stuck better. The bonder web glue stuck down the fabric wholly and fast, even up to the edges. The fabric glue, it had bonded the fabric good and strong as well, but only in the places that I applied the glue. I want my tapestry to look clean and neat, so I think that I will be using the bonder web glue for my work.


Simplifying Battlefield Imagery

Dead Soldier.jpg Dead Soldiers.jpg 

Because I felt that the battlefield of my tapestry's design was too complicated, I decided to portray the deaths of the many men that fought under the Queen through a design of dead men impaled on spikes. I felt that if there were a few number of these in different sizes, I think that it can substitute as a bloody battle fought with many lives lost.


Reflection, 21st August 2017

Layering and Attaching

IMG_5188 2.jpg IMG_5189 2.jpg IMG_5187 2.jpg

I split the drawings into different  layers; the queen, the soldier and the background, this was to make the making process for the characters and the background easier.

IMG_5190 2.jpg

I plan to work on attaching the imagery together by working from the base layer to the top, using bonder-web paper. At the bottom will be a one piece silhouette of each character that will be present in the tapestry.

IMG_5181.jpg IMG_5182.jpg IMG_5184.jpg

Starting from the base up, I plan on layering each piece on top of one anther so that each piece will look neater and will fit nicely with one another. Bottom image shows the different pieces of armour for the Soldier I already attached with bonder web paper.


Reflection , 19th August 2017

Poster Outcome

Poster Unit 7.jpg

Over the weekend, I completed the Interim Poster for my final project, and I like how my poster design had turned out. I think that it displays my project well, from the different print images and the stitch borders, which shows that I will be using elements of stitch in my project.

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 2.17.22 PM.png

I also learned more about the InDesign software. This is because when I had first added the images of the design of the Queen and Soldier, they had a white box around them. But, researching about this issue on the internet, I found a way to get rid of it.

For the poster, I felt that I made a good presentation for my project in the poster. The layout is balanced on each side, the background is a representation of the fabric, which is the material that I will be using to create my outcome, the borders represent the stitching that will be present on the tapestry and the two drawings are designs of the Queen and the Soldier who are the two main characters of the outcome.

I think that the value for this small project is learning how to present your project in the best way.


Reflection, 17th August 2017

Creating Fabric Patterns

IMG_5164.jpg.2 IMG_5165.jpg

  • I had planned to create two designs for my prints, but Jess had told me that we were only allowed one exposed screen frame to print with, and that it will also take time to wash off the current emulsion on the screen to create another design using the exposed method.
  • Looking at the timing to create finish my outcome, I realised that it would take too long create the second print as I would like to progress to something else other than just print. and So, I would have to make do with the print that I have at the moment.

 IMG_5173.jpg IMG_5159.jpg

  • Taking the print that I made last week, I printed over it using the new print I created.
  • It was overall a clean print. However, the detailed design that I made inside the moon and circle did not show. I think I added too much ink, resulting in it going over the detail.
  • I will add less ink to the other ones to see if there is any difference.

 IMG_5163.jpg Print sample.jpg

  • With less ink, the detail could be seen clearer. However, because of the ink itself being a light colour, it's still hard to see the detail. I am hoping that with the blue ink printed on tomorrow, it will be able to be seen more clearly.



Reflection, 12th August

Oil Intaglio Ink

IMG_5095.jpg.1 IMG_5096.jpg

Over the weekend, I experimented with the oil-based ink to print onto the fabrics samples. I came to realise that even with the much more professional ink, it was still a bit difficult to see for some background images. The white cotton fabric had a better print image than the calico fabric.


I had also tried a brighter colour (yellow) with a more filled-up background, thinking that the colour would be bold and stand out from it. But it did not go as I thought it would, the colour absorbed int the fabric, giving it a very faded look.

I think I am going to try with black ink, to compare if it will be a better colour than the two experimented above.


Reflection, 10th August

More Experimenting and Preparing for Tomorrow

IMG_5080.jpg IMG_5081.jpg

Printing the block images onto the fabric samples using water-based printing ink, I found that the images were hard to see, because I think the ink is being absorbed into the fabric, giving the colour less vibrancy. I think I will try out using oil-based ink for the other samples, because I feel that the oil-based ink is thicker and the vibrancy will hold better. 

Holy-Grail- armour 1.jpg Queen dress refrence.jpg

^Monty Python's The Holy Grail (1975)                                                                                    ^Medieval outfits, upper class

Looking at references of knight outfits from Monty Python, I noticed that on each of their outfits they had pattern designs on them. This made me think about what kind of designs that I will have for the characters that I am thinking about putting on the tapestry. 

IMG_5083.jpg IMG_5084.jpg WahBulan2-30.jpg IMG_5085.jpg

                                                                                                                      ^ Wau Bulan (Moon Kite)

Brainstorming with some ideas, I played around with the symbol of the Moon and Star from the Malaysian flag again, I decided to put the moon in the star. I felt that the moon looked a bit isolated by itself and to fill up space, I added a circle with the moon inside the star. In doing so, I reminded of the Malaysian 'Wau', meaning kite. This gave me another design inspiration.

IMG_5087.jpg  IMG_5089.jpg.1 IMG_5086.jpg

So, with the designs created, I made stencils from the patterns as well as outline where the patterns will be on the fabric that I will print on for the printing induction workshop tomorrow. I am hoping that the prints of the patterns that I am designing will be clean and clear.


Refection, 7th August 2017

Today, I started block printing with the different fabrics that I had bought over the weekend.


I experimented also with the colouring by the inks to see which hue and thickness had, I liked the prints with the red and orange hue as well as the dark yellow colour. I feel that the white background give more boldness to the prints and makes it look sharper, but the green fabric softens it, making the colour more faded, which isn't what I want for my prints. The yellow print also was too light for the whiter fabrics, but whit a mixture of a bit of red, it came out much better with a more orange look to it.

20705947_1617886904908662_1930949799_o.jpg 20707311_1617886891575330_339116328_o.jpg 20676958_1617891568241529_1238399690_o.jpg

Overall, I feel that the prints were very successful, as there were no ink seeping over into more delicate areas, and all the imagery came out the way that I wanted. I had decided to take it further by stitching the fabrics together to create a sample of borders.

20707101_1618045371559482_1147760500_o.jpg 20746787_1618045384892814_333069136_o.jpg

But I realised when I started stitching that I had not given any seam allowance for some of the fabrics that I had cut for the prints. This had made attaching some areas a bit of a squeeze. Next time, I would be more conscious to add in more space for better stitching.


Reflection, 4th August 2017

Back to Making

Starting of on my project, I always had an idea of the base of the tapestry having prints on them before I started on stitching. The prints that I had in mind were medieval-like patterns on the fabric, because I had always envisioned the setting of the song lyrics The Queen and The Soldier to be situated in the Medieval Era. I found some pattern design on a relic of a wellhead that I came across at the V&A Museum, I thought that the patterns around the edges of the wellhead would make good prints, I liked the way that the circular shapes overlapped and wove around each other to create a unique design.

20623745_1614450308585655_901484_o.jpg 20495461_1607853895911963_1434400681_o.jpg 20495607_1607853559245330_1923065801_o.jpg

^ Relics of Wellhead in the V&A museum.

Because in my proposal, I had related my own Malaysian government and Prime Minister and the corruption in my story, I also aded in some symbols that had a representation of Malaysia, which were the countries national flower, the Hibiscus, the countries flag and the traditional rice pack that is made during the fasting season.

hari raya package thing.jpg hibiscus-flower-pictures.jpg Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 1.01.53 PM.png

Mixing up patterns from the two cultures, I created a design that was inspired from medieval relics but had Malaysian symbolism in it. 


I enjoyed making the pattern designs, I think that this is a good way to personalise my project idea and also bring the context of my Government being corrupt into the project. I also feel that I am making a good start to my project this way, and I didn't think that I would be combining Malaysian symbolisms with medieval relics. 


Reflection, 2nd August 2017


Theme Spider Diagram.jpg

Contextual Practice 1.jpg Contextual Practice 2.jpg Contextual Practice 3.jpg

  • I found developing my own proposal notes bad, because I feel that I had a good grasp at what I want to do for my final project outcome.
  • I do feel that finding different sources for primary research difficult, because this is the first time I believe that I am creating a project outcome that is fabric-related and I am quite unfamiliar with this territory.
  • In terms of the partner discussion on finding research, I thought that Monty Python's Holy Grail (1975) reference was relevant, because the timeline of the movie, most of the time, was set during the medieval era. So, the reference could help me with possibly design inspiration for knights. 

26th July 2017

Museum and Gallery Visits

20622733_1613469178683768_330987263_o.jpg 20629236_1613469168683769_1074455_o.jpg 20622708_1613468902017129_933007596_o.jpg

I felt that the visit to the V&A museum contributed to most of my inspiration. I felt that the displays shown there had given me the information that I was aiming for going there. I had gotten various styles of armour that knights wore during different centuries, and there the different pieces attached together.

I was also given new insight on tapestries and I found it very informative. I feel that the narratives on the tapestries, such as The Devonshire Hunting Tapestries: Bear and Boar Hunt (1430)  tells us how men and women of that time hunted for food. However, there was the discussion of imagery being slightly exaggerated in the tapestry to make it look more appealing. Such as, the cloths that the men wore in the hunt looks very wealthy, implying that the hunters are noblemen, but whether or not they had worn their best clothes to a hunt is questionable.  


24th July 2017


Today for my researching on my different themes, I could\n't help but feel a little confused, annoyed and stuck. This is because on Friday, we all were asked to come up with three ideas over the weekend for before Monday. So over the weekend, I cam up with my three themes, the problem was, I also came up with what outcomes I will have on those themes. 

Today, when I found out that we did not need to have an ideal outcome yet, I found that I was smuggling a bit with expanding on my research because my ideas kept going back to creating the outcome thatI had thought of over the weekend, it was very annoying. I think that the reason why I kept thinking about my ideal outcome was because I was scared of letting that idea go, because if I let it go, that means that I won't know what to do.

But this week is all about exploring possibilities and ideas, so if I want to expand my skills and ideas, I need to let go of my current ideas, because if I research without and final outcome ideas in my head, I might come up with something unexpected and new even.

For now, I will be researching on anything that I find interesting, such as Stop Motion, or character designing, maybe even sculptures, and come up with a brief summary for my ideas.


Poster Text and Images, 1st September 2017

Poster Images

Tapestry.jpg IMG_5259.jpg

IMG_5258.jpg Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 6.49.21 AM.png

Poster Text

This project explores the abuse of power and the consequences that befall those who attempt to stand up to it. I felt this was a perfect comparison of the corruption of the Malaysian Government. To me, the Queens order of the soldier’s death once he confronted her was similar to the Malaysian Prime Minister firing his cabinet members when they started to question him. I feel that both are exploiting their power for their personal gain. I felt that a tapestry was a fitting method of communicating this message, as it doesn’t need text, allowing the language to be universal.


Reflection, 30th August 2017


  • Today I had one of the practicing graphic design tutors, Clare, come look at how my publishing is coming along.
  • I had felt that what I had displayed was well organised and neat, and was little shocked to hear C;are say that it was not aligned with each other properly. Such as, the four images that I thought were evenly spaced was wider by a little bit in the centre, making it look as if it was two columns instead, and the white borders on the wide spread images were not equal.
  • I had thought that she was being very precise and OCD, but when I evened out the spacing between the images, and equalised the borders, I saw that the images had balanced out onto the page more than before.
  • This was humbling for me, because it made me see that even a slightest change can make a huge difference in the appearance.
  • I also learned more tools in the InDesign software so that I won't repeat the same mistakes next time I design a publishing.

Reflection , 25th August 2017

Border Trouble and Bonding Mistake

IMG_5223.jpg IMG_5224.jpg

 I had found out after printing all of the borders that they do not align with each other at the corners on the A1 size print that I made on the fabric. This was a mistake on my part as I forgot to take the measurements of the border before considering which prints to use.

Trying out different ways to align the borders, the one that work best and did not require much change or extra work to be done was to crop the background image smaller.

This was not too bad as the borders did not crop too much of the image, but I would need to be more aware about small mistakes like this, because it could have covered up something important if I had not found out about this before adding the imagery onto the print.

IMG_5227.jpg IMG_5228.jpg

Another mistake I realised I did as well was that I stuck down the base layer of the Soldier too soon. I had forgotten to bond the Queen apparel first. Resulting in me having to outline the shape of the knight to cut out the excess parts.  


However, I cut out too much at the area where the arm is, but because I haven't applied the soldiers armour yet, I decided to let some of the queens pieces overlap the soldier, hoping that the Soldiers pieces would be able to cover up some of the gaps.

Cutting out pieces was something that I had wanted to keep clear of because it resulted in exactly what happened, the cuts not fitting properly with the shapes. K need to be more aware on remembering the steps of which piece I am placing so that a mistake like this can be avoided.


Reflection, 23rd August 2017

Hats Workshop


The hats workshop was different to my usual process of reflecting was that I was reflecting on my emotional and negative sides as well, I usually try and stay as factual as I can and would voice out my opinion in a more reflective of the overall result of the work produced that day. However, those emotions had been on the spot and maybe a bit irrational. But I think that it is something that I need to say out loud, because I feel that it had helped me to pin point the anxieties I have been feeling.

This had helped me to pin down my main worries of my project, which is whether it will look good or not in the end. I would like to very much for it to turn out in the highest quality. But I think what is really bothering me about this is that I don't think that I had experimented enough to prepare for my final piece, which I feel will be something that I would have to get started at.


Reflection, 23rd August 2017



  • Using the last bloodstain sample that I made a few weeks back, I would experiment with printing my block print design using black ink, which was a colour that I did not want to use because tapestries were meant to be colourful.
  • However, because the colours that I wanted to initially have (orange and bright yellow) did not display the prints as well as I hoped, I decided to give it a try.
  • Using the water based ink, I was surprised to see that the print turned out to be clearer and showed the detail much sharper than the coloured inks.
  • Based on this result, I am sure that the oil-based intaglio ink would produce an even better result, I am going to experiment with it next.

Reflection, 22nd August 2017

Printing the Base

IMG_5198.jpg IMG_5196.jpg IMG_5195.jpg

Using newsprint paper, I cut out the stencils for each later for the outcomes' background. For the sky, I had initially wanted to have a red glow with the grey ink. However, experimenting with printing the two colours together, it did not blend the way I wanted, and also trying to mix the two inks together did not give a very appealing colour to me.

IMG_5197.jpg IMG_5200.jpg

In the end, I used just grey to print out the sky, each tone getting darker on each layer. The print did not turn out as neat as I wanted it to be, it left some areas uneven with some spots that wasn't printed because I could not enter the  screen print room because Jess was not present on that day, so the fabric was  not stretched properly go give it a smooth print. However, the majority of the shape had be printed on, and some parts are going to be covered up by more imagery so it is not a loss.


 I liked the different tones of the grey that was produced, it gave the image a sense of depth. I feel that it will benefit the images that will be stuck on, because I think that it would make the outcome look more three-dimensional when it is completed.



Reflection, 20th August 2017

Layout of Tapestry


  • Drew out the layout of the tapestry in the scale that I want it to be, which is A1.
  • I think that I got the position of the Soldier and the Queen, and I need to separate the background of the castle from the characters to draw it out more detailed.


  • However, drawing the layout of the battlefield turned out to be more challenging, due to the perspective that I have been thinking of.
  • I feel that looking at it now, I think that it will take longer than I think to stitch it out.
  • I think that I am going to give the battlefield a simpler look.

Reflection, 18th August 2017

Completing Pattern Prints

IMG_5170 2.jpg IMG_5171.jpg IMG_5172.jpg

Today I had gotten the last part of my pattern print finished, which was adding the blue over the detailed prints. Unfortunately, the blue colour did not bring out the detail of the yellow prints that I had hoped for, but I still feel that it is a good print overall.

Another incident that occurred during the process is that some of the blue did not completely print through the screen, and I had to rework those parts by hand. However, I did not cover up all of the unfinished prints completely, because a tutor came across while I was working on it and advised that I should learn to love my mistakes at times, as sometimes mistakes can bring about a different charm to our work.


Reflection, 16th August 2017

Contextual Practice

IMG_5147.jpg Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 4.20.38 PM.png

The text that I decided to analyse was a caption in one of Grayson Perry's tapestry where it writes out the thought process of a character in the tapestry. 

scamper 2.jpg 20170818161051.jpg

In the seminar, my group had agreed that the text that I had was an interesting one, because they said that it was a part of someones personal opinion. What they found interesting was that they had their own opinion about the personality of this character, and it invested them to wan to know more about the character.

Hearing the feedback that I got from my peers, it made me consider if I wanted to also add n text to my outcome, because I was thinking for my outcome to be just imagery. Maybe text will allow my outcome to be more engaging.


We had also done a S.C.A.M.P.E.R. exercise where we came up with quick alternate ideas or possible processes on the spot for the outcome that we have in mind. Some of the ideas that I made, where I combine the music with the tapestry and eliminate some imagery from the tapestry was interesting concepts that I considered, the music idea could bring about more interpretations to the outcome as the viewers could listen to the music and perhaps find meaning for it within the tapestry. The eliminating idea can maybe bring about a whole new meaning to the outcome, showing the aftermath of the dialogue between the Queen and Soldier.

IMG_5091.jpg.1 IMG_5164.jpg.1

I had also made a detailed design for the exposed screen to print over the fabric that I will use to make for the outfits of the characters that will be present on the tapestry outcome.


Reflection, 15th August 2017

Character Design and Layout

IMG_5141.jpg IMG_5143.jpg

  • Having experimented a lot with the prints, I realised that I have not yet developed any character designs on paper for the Queen and the Soldier.
  • The designs above are generally what I have in mind of the outfit design for the characters, but I am sure that there will be changes in the future. I do like the Soldiers second design better, he looks like he has more muscle volume.

IMG_5144.jpg IMG_5145.jpg

  • I also made more layout designs for how my tapestry is going to look like.
  • I know that I want to make the size A1, and I know that I want the Soldier to display a resistant/ rebelling action towards that Queen, like a puppet cutting it's strings. I thought that that idea would be fitting, because of the use of strings. I wanted to have an implication of the Soldier having death in his future, and I thought that a string around his neck, like a noose, would be a good play on it, blending with the other strings that will be attached to the Soldier, giving the viewer a change to see if they can spot the Soldier's grim result.

Reflection, 14th August 2017

Poster Design

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 3.38.25 PM.png

The contents must include:

- Your name and where you are progressing to

- The Project Title

- A short (approx. 20 word) summary introducing

  the proposal / theme

- At least 3 research references, referenced

- At least 3 images of your own work




 ^ poster design sample/ test

  • Today I had an InDesign workshop with David for creating a poster that we will submit to display our final outcome, and had to include the different contents shown in bullet points above.
  • He taught us how to add in images and text to the software and how to form different layouts for each using the tools provided.
  • I found that it was not so difficult to grasp how to use the tools, David had explained clearly and showed us step by step.
  • I think that I would be able to manage creating a poster outcome using this software.

Reflection, 11th August

Fabric Printing Induction

The printing induction today, was very informative. Going in ti it, I had the mindset that printing on fabric was going to be similar to the screen printings that we had been doing in the studio for the past few weeks. It was similar but only to a certain extent. 

The difference in fabric printing is the fact that we are using fabric to print, which required a lot more care that I thought. Such as, we have to make sure that the fabric has to be flat and smooth to get a better print on it, and to do that, we had to pin the edges of the fabric securely using pins. 

IMG_5091.jpg IMG_5092.jpg

Once the fabrics were as flat as I could put them, I added the cut out stencils and proceeded to print similar to screen printing on paper. 

Overall, the prints turned out well, though there were some fold lines that did not allow the ink to print over, leaving some parts white. I would have to smoothen out the fabric better next time I print on fabric if I want  that effect. But I am satisfied with how the first layer turned out, next I will be drawing out the details of the design that I will be printed on the area where I placed the stencils.

To get the prints over the stencilled area perfectly, I would need to trace over the outline of the images on the tracing paper, and with that it will help create the emulsion on the screen to make the print.


Reflection, 8th August 2017

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 11.39.27 PM.png

                                                                                                                                                -The Queen and The Soldier, Suzanne Vega

I remember in the lyrics that there was mention of there being red tapestries in the song. Interpreting it, I felt that the mention of red symbolised the bloodshed that the Queen had inflicted upon her subjects.

Taking the  idea further, I created samples of different pattern designs of red on fabric. I had thought of taking one of the designs as a potential background for the tapestry.

20771985_1619150328115653_1946708700_o.jpg 20747112_1619150244782328_436827065_o.jpg 20727451_1619150631448956_1842000844_o.jpg

I had also added some black in some samples to see if it worked or not. So far, the black and red seem to have mixed well with the fabrics when they are less wet some and less so with the ones that are, I feel that too much water dilutes the colours. I would like to next try out printing the tile designs onto the colour samples to see which pattern is best suited for a background colour. I am thinking about printing with the darker yellow ink, because I think that it is a colour that won't blend too much with the background and won't be too light that it is not visible.

20707051_1619150114782341_690761313_o.jpg 20727221_1619150288115657_1986889092_o.jpg 20727733_1619150271448992_2015045285_o.jpg


Reflection, 5th August 2017

Creating Block Design

Over the weekend, I had successfully completed cutting out the design on the lino without to much trouble. I think that the areas that had been cut are deep enough to not print out when I  add in ink later on. 

20676800_1616269781737041_2074295339_o.jpg 20707073_1616269791737040_1255327234_o.jpg 20706379_1616269951737024_582649806_o.jpg

I had also bought some fabrics to print on as I am aiming for a tapestry as an outcome and would like to experiment with fabrics as much as I can. I think that I am ready for some experimental prints for Monday and I am looking forward to it. I think that the prints will turn out nice.



Reflection, 3rd August 2017

Tutorial with Karen 


  • Looking at the work that I have created so far in my project, I was recommended artists that used stitch/ embroidery in their work.
  • I researched how the artists had work and looked at the different ways that they had created tapestries
  • Me realised that I have a lot of options to choose from on how I can make my tapestry/ tapestries look.

*Reflection, 1st August 2017

Creating a Framework and Tutorial with Alan 

Research diagram.jpg 20597941_1611459785551374_1285927138_o.jpg

Today I had a tutorial with Alan on my project proposal, which was based on the lyrics of Suzanne Vega’s The Queen and The Soldier. I mentioned that I wanted an exaggerated narrative, loosely based on the lyrics and also told how it can be seen as  an exploration to different hierarchies of power and how one can affected by the other who abuses it, exploring a political interpretation to it, as well as many other interpretations such as, in a relationship between partners, employee or employer, dictatorship, etc.

I felt that I wouldn't mind a political interpretation of my work, but I did not want the first thought to be something political when it came to viewing it. With that, I was recommended a short children’s story by Judith Kerr about a tiger coming for tea. It was, looking at it generally, an entertaining story, but it had political interpretation about the rich and the poor. This could be seen as bringing an awareness to the public without it being politically blatant, which is what I am aiming for in my project.

With other terms of bringing awareness, I was also recommended on Cildo Meicles on bringing awareness to the public of the government dictatorship in his country (Brazil). Also discussed on making this project personal to me in a way, could be about same relations of the Malaysian government, and who I feel about it, give the project my own interpretation of it.

I felt that this gave me new ideas to add into, such as adding more symbolism to my imagery that evokes my own interpretation, like having the queen hold onto a scale, symbolising the Malaysian government and it’s corruption, because in my opinion, I feel that my countries Government is corrupt. 

I feel that these new inspirations have given me new ideas to work with in my theme, and I feel that it also gives more context into my work.


28th July 2017

Coming up with Composition

With the mindset of creating a tapestry,I had though of some rough compositional layouts for the imagery for the outcome. 

20641573_1613471265350226_729228079_o.jpg 20623484_1613471185350234_1895071325_o.jpg

  • The key characters that I have in mind for the tapestry is the presence of the Queen, the Soldier, the battlefield and the castle.
  • Here I am experimenting will giving each image present a symbolic meaning. Such as, giving the queen a not so literal image, rather perhaps symbolising her as something demonic, making her look evil/ unsafe. 
  • I am unsure at the moment if I want the soldier to be wearing a helmet or not, because I want him to represent the people that are under the queens rule, and I am wondering if wearing a helmet makes the character unrelatable.

Reflection, 25th July 2017

Tutorial with Mark

Having an idea for each of my themes, I discussed with Mark on the museums or galleries in which I will be exhibiting to inspire more ideas from me. 


Tomorrow, I plan to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum in the morning to get some research on my idea on East Asian religion, followed by visiting The Haunt Gallery to see the Concrete Shadow Exhibition as it displays print posters. Then, in the evening, I am planning to visit the RichMix Gallery to view an exhibition called Animated Images, as I have an interest in works of digital and animated art, and that this gallery closes late.



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